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Tag your friends as the Smurfs

I regularly receive requests and suggestions for Facebook tagging pictures and -during the past 30 days- 16 of those e-mails were asking for a Smurfs poster. So here it finally is, by popular demand: the If we were Smurfs… tagging pic.

(Click the image to see the full size version)

Tag your friends as the Smurf

    The 15 featured Smurfs are:

    1. papa smurf
    2. lazy smurf
    3. brainy smurf
    4. clumsy smurf
    5. dreamy smurf
    6. painter smurf
    7. harmony smurf
    8. hefty smurf
    9. vanity smurf
    10. jokey smurf
    11. handy smurf
    12. baby smurf
    13. grouchy smurf
    14. poet smurf
    15. smurfette

    How to use a Tag your Friends picture:

    1. Right-click and save the image to your computer.
    2. Click the text field under “What’s on your mind”.
    3. Click “Photos” and then “”Upload a photo”.
    4. Select the image you just saved to your computer, hit OK and click “Share”. It will then be uploaded to an album called “Wall Photos“.
    5. Click the picture and then “Tag This Photo”.
    6. Tag your pals and yourself as the Smurfs!
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