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Jon Burgerman is a very talented pen-wizard from the UK who draws up everything from doodles over vinyl toys (check Kidrobot) to murals. One day, after too much cake and biscuits, he made a tag your friends poster out of his collection of bizarre doodle characters. You can tag up to 30 friends in it. Depending on what character you tag them with, some of them will unfriend you afterwards. Hey, that’s life (in 2009). You know the drill: right-click, save as, upload to your wall and tag away! Tag your friends as Jon Burgerman doodles

  1. The one that thinks they’re younger than they are
  2. The slow one
  3. The cocky one
  4. The spoilt one
  5. The stinky one
  6. The old fart
  7. The perv
  8. The gay one
  9. The lanky one
  10. The dizzy one
  11. The emo
  12. The gossip
  13. The annoying one
  14. The sporty one
  15. The greedy swine
  16. The short one
  17. The wannabe gangster
  18. The self-righteous vegetarian
  19. The comedian
  20. The slimy one
  21. The lager lout
  22. The doodler
  23. The flashy over-paid one
  24. The sausage
  25. The shy one
  26. The cool one
  27. The computer nerd
  28. The penniless student
  29. The fashion fiend
  30. The gassy one
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