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Tag your friends as brand logo letters

As an alternative to the overload of cartoon characters, a new category of “Tag your friends” pictures has emerged featuring special alphabets or fonts. The most interesting one I’ve seen so far is a collage called “Corporate Alphabet” which was created back in 2004 by Dutch designers Amoud van den Heuval and Koert van Mensvoort.

In this “Tag your friends” image, each letter is the first character of a (usually) famous brand logo. So you can tag your friend Dan as Disney, Sarah as Superwoman and Ben as Barbie (What? He may like blondes with long legs?).

The person who started this specific meme has probably found this image through Flickr:

Tag picture: Brand letter logo font

You might not instantly recognize all of the brands. If you’re not in the mood for a little quiz, take a peak at the cheat sheet below:

  • A – Alles Vliegt
  • B – Barbie
  • C – Coca Cola
  • D – Disney
  • E – Euro
  • F – Ford
  • G – Google
  • H – Heineken
  • I – Intel
  • J – JVC
  • K – Kellog’s
  • L – Lego
  • M – McDonald’s
  • N – Nike
  • O – Opel
  • P – PlayStation
  • Q – Quicktime
  • R – Rizla
  • S – Superman
  • T – TNT Post
  • V – Volkskrant
  • W – Warner Brothers
  • X – Mac OS X
  • Y – Yahoo!
  • Z – Zwitsal

There’s only one problem with this image and you might have noticed it already. If not, take a look again.

Still nothing?

Maybe you should count the letters…

Exactly! Only 25 letters while everyone knows the alphabet exists of 26.

The missing letter is the “U”. A missed opportunity for Unilever, Ubi Soft or Ulead!

And bad luck for your friend Ursula.

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