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Tag your friends as cute creatures

Enough with the nasty gifts and the tough Watchmen… time for CUTENESS. If you’re into Japanese “kawaii” characters -like Pikachu, Hello Kitty, Miffy or Onionhead– then this tag your friends picture is for you. Webfetti has made a collage of their cutest anime cartoons and drawings, including a frog, penguin, princess, hamster, dog, pig, and even a goth girl. You know the drill: save the image below locally, upload it to your Facebook Wall or photo album and start tagging your friends appropriately according to the personalities under the 15 kawaii characters. Have fun!
Tag your Facebook friends as cute creatures

  1. The funny one
  2. The chill one
  3. The one that’s up to no good
  4. The innocent one
  5. The hot one
  6. The nurturing one
  7. The intense one
  8. The sarcastic one
  9. The quiet one
  10. The snackaholic
  11. The outgoing one
  12. The confused one
  13. The stylish one
  14. The evil genius
  15. The awkward one
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