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Tag your Facebook friends as video game characters

This Tag your Friends grid popped up in my Facebook news feed this morning, and it’s pretty well-made so kudos to someone named Aaron! It allows you to put tags on your Facebook friends as video game characters from all sorts of game genres: shoot ’em ups, platform, fighting and puzzle games. Let’s see if we got any hardcore gamers here… Can you name all 29 game characters ? Put your answers in the comments (eg. 1 =…, 2 =…) and try to be complete!

  1. The pyro
  2. The boss
  3. The jock
  4. The confident one
  5. The tough guy
  6. The hoarder
  7. The quiet one
  8. The martial artist
  9. The one everybody knows
  10. The competitive one
  11. The badass
  12. The destructive one
  13. The baller
  14. The compulsive eater
  15. The artistic one
  16. The smart one
  17. The angry video game nerd
  18. The gangly one
  19. The clueless one
  20. The lazy one
  21. The skilled one
  22. The underestimated one
  23. The gangly one
  24. The bully
  25. The ginger
  26. The annoying one
  27. The ideal friend
  28. The stalker
  29. The rocker

Tag your Facebook friends as Video Game Characters

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