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Wacko Wednesday: Tag your friends with Useless Superpowers

Don’t worry, we’re all superheroes. We all have at least one special talent or ability. For instance, I can recite Pulp Fiction quotes at any given time of the day. Is that a useless superpower? I think not so. Really useless superpowers are the ones in this new tag your friends picture, based on a funny t-shirt design. Bless your Facebook friends with one of these worthless skills, then wait and watch how they react…

(Click the image to view at full resolution)

Tag your friends with useless superpowers


  1. Right-click the image above and save it to your computer.
  2. Go to your Facebook Profile and click the text field under “What’s on your mind”.
  3. Click “Photos”.
  4. Click “Upload a photo”.
  5. Click “Share”. It will then be uploaded to an album called “Wall Photos”.
  6. Click the picture and then “Tag This Photo”.
  7. Tag your friends!

You can tag yourself and your friends with the following useless superpowers:

  1.  Acid tears
  2. Invisibility in the dark
  3. Control remote control
  4. Communicate with fruit
  5. 1 second super strength
  6. Trash detection
  7. 75% levitation
  8. Summon a lamp… once
  9. Bullet attraction
  10. Turn into a laptop forever
  11. Read your own mind
  12. Instant hairloss
  13. Abnormal armhair growth
  14. Absorb bad luck
  15. Seduce hats
  16. Super slow-mo
  17. Revive bugs
  18. Ultra fast aging
  19. Invisible handwriting
  20. Desaturation

Any of these superpowers you’d actually want? Who knows, they might not be that useless after all…

Buy the Useless Superpowers t-shirt.

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