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Mr. Men & Little Miss Parody Facebook Tag Picture

It’s been over a month since I saw the first Tag your friends picture appear in my Facebook news feed… the start of a new Facebook craze. It was, of course, the infamous collage of Mr. Men & Little Miss characters with short personality descriptions instead of their original names. Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users have since been tagged as “the good friend”, “the flirt” or “the drama queen”… to their own amusement or great annoyance. 

CollegeHumor quickly jumped the bandwagon and made a pretty cool parody of the Mr. Men & Little Miss tagging picture with their own cartoon illustrations. If you’re fed up with the one-month old character tagging Facebook meme -that seems to have infected MySpace as well- this is the ONE picture that you DO have to upload to make a statement. If you are, like most of our visitors,  looking for more tagging posters then this is one of the more humorous pics. 

Mr. Men & Little Miss Facebook Meme Parody

  1. Beer Pong Partner
  2. The Family Guy Quoter
  3. The Excessive Status Updater
  4. The One Who Needs To Cut Their Hair
  5. The One With The Adderal Prescription
  6. Orientation Week Friend With Whom I Don’t Hang Out Anymore
  7. The Two Beer Queer
  8. The One Who Gave Me My Fake
  9. That Athlete From My School Who Accepted My Friend Request
  10. The One With The Creepy Beard
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