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Give fake and nasty virtual gifts

You can’t be in peace and harmony with your friends all the time, right? Even the best friends fight! Has someone spread a nasty rumour about your birthday suit? Has your ex-lover dumped you for one of your closest buddies? Who’s that friend who always snatches the last beer from your fridge? And who tagged you in that really unflattering drunk picture on Facebook last week?

It’s time to get back! Upload the picture below to your Facebook profile and be generous with these free, fake and above all NASTY gifts. They’re like the opposite of a gift, really. they’re like a stitch. Tag the friends who deserve them, and then grin viciously!

Give a fake virtual gift

Here’s an overview of all twelve fake gifts:

  1. Cold sore (other herpes variants)
  2. Toothache (add gingivitis)
  3. Itchy rash (on face/on privates)
  4. Pink eye (mark as severely contagious)
  5. Hair lice (add crabs)
  6. Parking ticket (tow car and impound)
  7. Tax audit (send their name to IRS snitchline)
  8. Prostate exam (no lubricant)
  9. Jehovah’s witness visit (invite them inside, argue over evolution)
  10. Step in doggie doo-doo (dog has worms)
  11. Call from a telemarketer (during dinner, on a Sunday)
  12. A rat’s ass (sometimes it’s better if you DON’T give this)

Picture is courtesy of Joy Of Tech.

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