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New Super Mario Bros Tag Picture

We’ve posted a Super Mario Bros friend tagging picture before, but people complained that it was too hard to tag the individual game characters. So here’s a new and improved collage that allows you to easily tag most of the (New) Super Mario Bros characters like Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi, Hammer Bros, Goomba and of course, Mario & Luigi. Mind you, the character descriptions can be quite explicit for some of them!

Super Mario Bros Tag Picture for Facebook and MySpace

This tagging meme picture describes the 32 Super Mario characters as…

  1. The Princess
  2. Loyal friend
  3. The innocent angel
  4. Rockin’ hair
  5. Trusty sidekick
  6. Short fused
  7. Lil’ devious one
  8. The asshole
  9. The sporty chick
  10. The clumsy one
  11. Dude, I am SO high!
  12. Horney lil’ bugger
  13. Scene stealer
  14. The crazy drunk
  15. The geek
  16. The mysterious hottie
  17. Little buddy
  18. The crump
  19. The stubborn one
  20. Goof ball
  21. The sibling
  22. Get the hell out of my way!
  23. Bitch, these aren’t angel wings!
  24. The easy rider
  25. The stud
  26. The skinny one
  27. The cutie
  28. The shy one
  29. The flirt
  30. The hippie
  31. Cute ‘n cuddly
  32. Son of a bitch
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