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Twilight Tags: Tag your Facebook friends as vampires

I didn’t hear about Twilight, the young-adult vampire-romance novel by Stephenie Meyer, until the recent hype around the film adaptation. And last week I actually saw the movie during the in-flight entertainment of my United Airlines flight to Belgium. Except for the music (the original score as well as the rock songs) it wasn’t really my thing. Then again, I’m excused because I’m not exactly the target demographic.

When it comes to vampires, I’m more of a Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Interview with a Vampire type. I get the creeps every time I watch the opening party scene of Blade, and as a kid, I had nightmares of that scary vampire in the silent Nosferatu movie.

But a lot of our visitors seem to be into the Twilight novel and/or movie, judging by the number of searches for the “twilight” keyword. So here are the two Twilight tagging pics for Facebook that I could find, featuring Edward Cullen and his “family”, ennemies and other movie characters. Enjoy but remember: no human blood drinking while tagging…

Twilight Facebook Tags

Twilight Facebook Tag Pictures

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Twilight Tags: Tag your Facebook friends as vampires Posted by on March 19, 2009 at 6:15 PM. Use this trackback if you're linking this story.

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