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5 Harry Potter Character Tagging Pictures

A fair number of you have requested a Harry Potter tag your friends picture, so I did my research and discovered no less than five Harry Potter posters for your tagging pleasure.

With the help of the pictures below, you can tag your Facebook friends as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Sirius Black Neville Longbottom, Oliver Wood, Ginny Weasley, Moaning Myrtle, Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, Cedric Diggory, Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Albus Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid, Voldemort, etcetera. The characters are pictured either as cartoons, WeeMees or as actual photos of the Harry Potter movie actors, and their personalities vary in each tagging picture. Here we go:

Tag your friends as Harry Potter characters

    Artwork by Gemma Wilson, names by lunarapocalypse.

    1. The one that is chosen by others
    2. The one that likes butterflies
    3. The one that is a nerd
    4. The one that has no luck
    5. The one that brought sexy back
    6. The one that is lovestruck
    7. The one that is a gay genius
    8. The one that has a low tolerance level
    9. The one that with has no friends
    10. The one that has a time of month
    11. The one that is a little slow
    12. The one that is obsessive
    13. The one that is pettable
    14. The one that has the sexy hair
    15. The one that is mad
    16. The one that knows too much
    17. The one that is dizzy
    18. The one that speaks in many tongues
    19. The one that is a lion
    20. The one that reads too much

    Harry Potter Facebook Tag Poster

      By unknown.

      1. The brave one
      2. The sarcastic one
      3. The athletic one
      4. The psychic one
      5. The wise one
      6. The cunning one
      7. The quiet one
      8. The shy one
      9. The forgetful one
      10. The hungry one
      11. The funny ones
      12. The smart one
      13. The girly one
      14. The lazy one
      15. The conceited one
      16. The loyal one
      17. The caring one
      18. The crazy one
      19. The friendly one

      Harry Potter Facebook tags

        By The Harry Potter Dictionary.

        1. The dramatic one
        2. The wicked smart one
        3. The show off
        4. The comedian
        5. The innocent one
        6. The one that needs help
        7. The “chill” one
        8. The super hero
        9. The clumsy one
        10. The one that’s up to no good
        11. The hyper one
        12. The bubbly one
        13. The rebel
        14. The mysterious one
        15. The fascinating one
        16. The loveable one

        Tag your Facebook friends as Harry Potter characters

          By 4tnz.com.

          1. The goofball
          2. The wise one
          3. The mysterious one
          4. The snooty one
          5. The flirt
          6. The brainiac
          7. The hero
          8. The loyal BFF
          9. The athlete
          10. The innocent
          11. The weirdo
          12. The crazy guy
          13. The pranksters
          14. The brave kid
          15. The jerk
          16. The foodie

          Harry Potter Facebook tag picture

          By Digital Citizen.

          1. logical one
          2. bucktoothed
          3. fashionable one
          4. hairy one
          5. meanie
          6. slow one
          7. strange one
          8. main one
          9. hair freak
          10. modest one
          11. flirt
          12. bully
          13. superstitious one
          14. sidekick
          15. gramps
          16. mean one
          17. whiny one
          18. creepy one
          19. loyal one
          20. slower one

          Wingardium Leviosa, y’all!

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