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It’s been a while since we posted another Tag Your Friends picture, and with the counter on our Facebook page at well over 500 fans, it’s time to post some new ones… as promised. We’ll start this week with a tag picture called “Excuses for missing class my friends and I would use“. Who’s the friend who has a love-hate relationship with his alarm clock? Who’s the one who would come up with a crazy story about alien abduction? Who’s got a wild girlfriend and which friend is just too cool for school? Tag your friends and the excuses they’re most likely to use. Don’t forget to tag yourself too!

Here are all 16 excuses for missing a class:

  1. What class?
  2. I already know everything!
  3. My favorite gameshow is on!
  4. Too much fun the night before
  5. Waiting for the pizza delivery guy
  6. Sometimes the voices in my head tell me not to go
  7. I’m not late. Just really early for tomorrow’s class!
  8. My alarm clock hates me
  9. Je ne comprends pas l’Anglais.
  10. You do NOT want to know!
  11. Locked out of the dorm
  12. I was there. Where were you?
  13. Abducted by aliens!
  14. I got lost
  15. No clean clothes
  16. Two words: furry cuffs.

Tag your friends - Excuses for Missing Class

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