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Meta-meme: Tag your Facebook friends as Internet memes

Urlesque was so kind to link to a few of our Tag your Facebook friends pictures a few days ago, and they have also tipped us about their own creation called the Urlesque Meme Matcher. Internet memes in an Internet meme? That’s like chocolate chunks inside a chocolate bar: awesome! I had the very same idea and couldn’t complete the collage because I was travelling the past few days, but I’m glad Urlesque beat me to it!

This Facebook tagging picture includes 16 famous Internet celebrities, personalities and animals and a short description for each of them. An overview:

  1. Kittens – Cutest friend
  2. Miss Teen SC – Biggest bookworm
  3. Fail – Most likely to fail
  4. David – Biggest Party Animal
  5. Chris Crocker – Most dramatic
  6. Disaster girl – Most mischievous
  7. Spaghetti cat – Biggest foodie
  8. Obama girl – Most politically active
  9. Barack Obama – Most likely to succeed
  10. Dancing Banana – Most enthusiastic
  11. Tron guy – Geekiest friend
  12. Tay Zonday – Best singer
  13. The Real Shaq – Most athletic
  14. Cheezburger – Best laugh
  15. Bill O’Reilly – Shortest temper
  16. Rick Roll – Most popular

Right-click and save the picture below to your computer, upload it to the Photos section of your Facebook profile and get tagging.

Urlesque Meme Matcher

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Meta-meme: Tag your Facebook friends as Internet memes Posted by on March 11, 2009 at 12:57 PM. Use this trackback if you're linking this story.

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