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Tag your Facebook friends as Lost characters

Did I already mention how much I love to receive submissions from our visitors? Seriously, it rocks to have you girls and guys contribute to reface.me. Like Lindsey here, who made a Lost character map and decided to send it our way so we could share it with you! You can tag up to 16 of your Facebook friends as characters from the popular television series about a mystery island.

Tag your Facebook friends as Lost characters

  1. The one who can’t keep a girl (Jack)
  2. The good bad girl (Kate)
  3. The one who makes up nicknames (James “Sawyer” Ford)
  4. The special one (John Locke)
  5. The practical one (Sayid)
  6. The one with all the luck (Hugo “Hurley” Reyes)
  7. The calm one (Juliet Burke)
  8. The scheming one (Benjamin Linus)
  9. The one with secrets (Sun)
  10. The nice guy (Jin)
  11. The cute mom (Claire)
  12. The rock star (Charlie)
  13. The world traveler (Desmond)
  14. The one that talks to dead people (Miles)
  15. The deceptively smart one (Charlotte)
  16. The one with all the explanations (Daniel Faraday)
PS: I was surprised to see Charlotte described as something else than “The ginger”, which is quite a popular description in other tag your friends pics.
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