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Wacko Wednesday: Tag your Victorian friends on Facebook

Considering that I’m trying to post a new Tag your Friends picture every day of this week, I couldn’t think of a better one to post on our second Wacko Wednesday than the Tag your Victorian friends collage. This downright bizarre tag picture was submitted by two of our readers who go under the shared moniker of Jarlot Schmobinson, and it honors strange and obscure illustrations from the Victorian era.

The twelve personality descriptions in this picture are the most elaborate and eloquent ones ever seen during the existence of this Facebook meme, and they will surely make your tagged friends go “WTF?” “LOL!” and then “WTF?” again. Judge for yourself:

  1. the one(s) who look beyond the petty prejudices of ill fitting hats and skirted tentacles.
  2. the one tainting the state of the fine meal in the milk bowl; such an unlikely intruder.
  3. the one who likely never leaves home without his/her trusty pet hunting beetle.
  4. the one who concerns himself/herself with the finest drugs money can buy.
  5. the one that fancies a good timed dance with one’s own skeleton.
  6. the one who has no trouble collecting a high degree of ladies to his yard due to the miraculous display of fine follicles speckled across his upper lip.
  7. the one who always attempts to administer medical shots to suited supernaturals.
  8. the one(s) adhering to the gendered stereotypes of the contemporary age.
  9. the one tinkering with a collection of cogs in hopes of discovering a rocketship to be worn on the back of one’s body.
  10. the one who is dismayed to find he can no longer perform Christmas ditties on the family organ during the holidays.
  11. the one(s) who pose as Victorian feline lovers awaiting dinner and a dance.
  12. the one that cannot resist the gossip of cherubs, especially upon a stack of fine romance novels.
(Click the image for a large and readable version)
Tag your Victorian friends picture
  1. Right-click and save the image to your desktop.
  2. Upload it to your Wall (click Photos > Upload in the “What’s on your mind?” box).
  3. Tag your friends as Victorian characters.
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