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Facebook Note: Just 4 things

Facebook Note: Just 4 things

Because our readers keep requesting them, here’s another Facebook note. The “Just 4 things” survey has 18 questions and requires fourfold answers to each of them (except for #13 and #14, God knows how those questions snuck in there). The final question compels you to tag 4 friends that need to fill out the same FB note.

How many top 100 movies have you seen?

How many top 100 movies have you seen?

This Facebook note is the ultimate test to see if you’re a real movie maniac. We collected the list of top hundred movies from IMDB’s Top 250, as voted by users of the popular online movie database. Go through the list, check the ones you’ve seen and count them all up.

40 one-word answers

40 one-word answers

Today I noticed the One-word Answers meme spreading fast among my friends through Facebook notes. Forty simple questions, and 40 simple answers. Answers that are just one word. But it sounds easier than it is.

Famous people and their “25 Random Things”

Famous people and their “25 Random Things”

Oh, that infamous “25 Random Things About Me” note on Facebook. Almost everybody and their hamster have posted such a list by now. Even celebrities. We’ve found five random things lists, from The Office star Rainn Wilson, Michelle Obama, TV personality Ellen DeGeneres, ex-Destiny Child Kelly Rowland and High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens. Let’s see if a celebrity’s list is really more exciting than ours.

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