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Tag your friends as peta2 nuggets

peta2 is the largest youth animal rights group in the world, and takes on anyone who abuses animals:

From schools that don’t allow the choice not to dissect to fashion designers who won’t drop fur to fast-food giants that refuse to treat their animals right—if cruelty to animals is taking place, you can bet peta2 will be on it.

They made a Tag your Friends poster with 25 different versions of their cute mascot: a little, yellow nugget.

Tag your Facebook friends as peta2 nuggets

The 25 Nuggets are:

  1. Tiger Nugget
  2. Twilight Nugget
  3. Batman Nugget
  4. Gamer Nugget
  5. Superman Nugget
  6. Nerdy Nugget
  7. Green Nugget
  8. Bunny Nugget
  9. Winter Lover Nugget
  10. Birthday Nugget
  11. Santa Nugget
  12. Leprechaun Nugget
  13. Patriotic Nugget
  14. Harry Potter Nugget
  15. Mario Nugget
  16. Love Nugget
  17. Daddy’s Girl Nugget
  18. Momma’s Boy Nugget
  19. Pirate Nugget
  20. Link Nugget
  21. Werewolf Nugget
  22. Witchy Nugget
  23. Star Wars Nugget
  24. Surfer Nugget
  25. Princess Nugget
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