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Tag your friends as Poddington Peas

Chances are high you’ve seen a bunch of round and green cartoon characters pass by in your Facebook news feed. Yes, it’s another one of those collage pictures you can tag your friends in, and the cute characters at your service are called The Poddington Peas. The Poddington Peas was a British children’s cartoon series made for the BBC in the 80s by Colin Wyatt and Paul Needs. Take a trip to the eighties and check out the cartoon’s theme song and opening titles:

The image that is circulating on Facebook is an edited version of the original Poddington Peas Fun Club poster (see here). Instead of their actual cartoon names, the 34 Peas have been given the following descriptive character names:

  1. The old one (originally Pop-pea)
  2. The slut (originally Sweet-Pea)
  3. The popular one (originally Hap-pea)
  4. The do-gooder (originally P.C. Pod)
  5. The dog (originally Pup-pea)
  6. The fat one (originally Dump-pea)
  7. The girl next door (originally Penela-pea)
  8. Young’un (originally Nap-pea)
  9. The nasty one (originally Creep-pea)
  10. The nasty but nice one (originally Black-eyed Pea)
  11. The stalker (originally Snap-pea)
  12. The gambler (originally Scoop-pea)
  13. The snob (originally Snip-pea)
  14. The greasy one (originally Slop-pea)
  15. The moody one (originally Grump-pea)
  16. The fast food one (originally Chip-pea)
  17. The OCD one (originally Soap-pea)
  18. The nosey one (originally Snoop-pea)
  19. The farmer (originally Garden-pea)
  20. The Scottish one (originally Wee McPea)
  21. The friendly one (originally Tea-pea)
  22. The hippy (originally Hip-pea)
  23. The hypochondriac (originally Bump-pea)
  24. The dealer (originally G-pea)
  25. The chef (originally Dough-pea)
  26. The virgin (originally Skip-pea)
  27. The lower class one (originally Sweep-pea)
  28. The outfit one (originally Jump-pea)
  29. The wimp (originally Weep-pea)
  30. The sleepy one (originally Sleep-pea)
  31. The sporty one (originally Zip-pea)
  32. The mong (originally Scrap-pea)
  33. The ginger one (originally Chop-pea)
  34. The sailor (originally Captain Hop-pea)

Here’s the Poddington Peas character map taken from Facebook:

Tag your friends as Poddington Peas

We’ve made our own version titled My Facebook Peas, for those who want to use the original Pea-names and a better quality image:

My Facebook Peas - Tag your friends as Poddington Peas

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