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Tag your friends as 50+ different geeks (UPDATED)

You’ve got to admit, there’s a geek in all of us! Sure, one hobby might be cooler or sexier than another, but in the end everyone’s a sucker for something. Scott Johnson is the artist behind the 56 Geeks Project, which started as a doodle or two in his sketchbook but ended up as a huge poster featuring fifty-six geeky stereotypes. Go here if you want to order the print or maybe even enter the (paid) lottery and end up as a customized cartoon geek yourself!

So listen up, geeks. Click the pictures below (UPDATE: We had to split the collage in two), save them to your desktop and upload them to Facebook (or MySpace) to start tagging your geeky friends… and don’t forget yourself, you know, because WE’RE ALL GEEKS!



Here’s a list of all the geeks you can tag your friends as:

  1. Super geek (Superman)
  2. Bargain bin geek
  3. Trek geek (Star Trek)
  4. Jedi geek (Star Wars)
  5. Furry geek
  6. Indy geek (Indiana Jones)
  7. Nintendo geek (Super Mario)
  8. Portable geek
  9. Potter geek (Harry Potter)
  10. Sports geek (baseball)
  11. Cosplay geek (Princess Leia)
  12. Apple geek
  13. Comics geek
  14. Robot geek
  15. MMO geek (massively multiplayer online)
  16. Photo geek
  17. D&D geek (Dungeons & Dragons)
  18. Food geek
  19. Linux geek
  20. Rock geek
  21. Podcast geek
  22. Film geek
  23. Webcomics geek
  24. Travel geek
  25. Outdoor geek
  26. Con geek (convention geek -thanks Mstar!)
  27. Papercraft geek
  28. Fitness geek
  29. Gadget geek
  30. Tron geek
  31. Book geek
  32. Kiss geek (Gene Simmons)
  33. Electronics geek
  34. Drama geek
  35. Lego geek
  36. Scrapbook geek
  37. Engineer geek
  38. Anime geek
  39. Collectable geek
  40. Poker geek
  41. Lab geek
  42. R.C. geek (remote controlled stuff)
  43. History geek
  44. Ren faire geek (renaissance fair)
  45. HAM radio geek (amateur radio)
  46. Fantasy football geek
  47. Band geek
  48. Warhammer geek
  49. TV geek
  50. Larper geek (live action role-playing)
  51. CCG geek (collectible card games)
  52. Code geek
  53. Conspiracy geek
  54. Transformers geek
  55. Spartan geek
  56. Geek geek

Get ur geek on!

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