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Tag your World of Warcraft Guildmates

Last month, fellow refacer Rich sent me this Tag your Guildmates tagging picture for Facebook (and MySpace). It allows World of Warcraft fans to tag their friends as the types of players you encounter in this online RPG. “It is meant for the LULZ and not to be technically correct“, Rich adds, explaining how he just randomly gathered 25 WoW characters and labeled them.


  1. Right-click the image below and save it to your computer.
  2. Go to your Facebook Profile and click the text field under “What’s on your mind”.
  3. Click “Photos”.
  4. Click “Upload a photo”.
  5. Click “Share”. It will then be uploaded to an album called “Wall Photos”.
  6. Click the picture and then “Tag This Photo”.
  7. Tag your World of Warcraft playing friends!

Tag your friends as World of Warcraft Guildmates

The 25 kind of players you can tag in this Tag your Guildmates collage:

  1. Lies about gear
  2. Best gear
  3. Wipes raid
  4. Never on
  5. Always on
  6. Can’t play class
  7. Begs for gold
  8. Always AFK
  9. Ninja looter
  10. Needs help
  11. Never helps
  12. Quits guild
  13. Can’t CC
  14. Can’t heal
  15. Can’t tank
  16. Can’t DPS
  17. Breaks CC
  18. Open mic
  19. Blames everyone
  20. Blames lag
  21. Gold farmer
  22. Late for raid
  23. Many mains
  24. Many alts
  25. Too serious
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