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Wacko Wednesday: 5 Facebook fan pages you didn’t know existed

We already told you about some really weird Facebook groups, but today we’ll show you a handful of strange fan pages that you’ve never heard about. And maybe, just maybe, this will be the day you’ll become a fan of…

sliding through a closing door without touching it

…sliding through a closing door without touching it (1 fan) Become a fan

Doors you can slide through without touching: hospital doors, elevator doors, revolving doors at the supermarket, cowboy saloon doors, Temple of Doom doors, Playboy Mansion gates,… Post your suggestions on our Wall!


Ingrown toenails

 Ingrown Toenails (19 fans) Become a fan

Wait, somebody actually enjoys these? Next step: a fan page for hemorrhoids?




 #BADA55 (0 fans) Become a fan

#BADA55 is the hex triplet code for THE MOST BADASS COLOR on the web and beyond. #BADA55 can serve as your desktop wallpaper, your website background, your Facebook profile picture, your clothing, or anything you want to give A TOUCH OF BADASS!



Excel (1,550 fans) Become a fan

I’m honestly amazed by the sizable number of fans. Especially considering the fact that Microsoft Word has only 117. And yes, Microsoft employees are using Facebook too.


Becoming a fan

becoming a Fan! (3,739 fans) Become a fan (link fixed)

Behold: the ultimate fan page. Now, you can become a fan of becoming a fan. Word painters among you, this line will look hi-la-ri-ous on your profile, and the fan picture adds a bonus pun.

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