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10 funniest Justin Bieber hate groups on Facebook

Any artist can have hundreds of fan pages on Facebook, but it takes a really successful one to have dozens and dozens of anti-fan pages. Take Justin Bieber. The 16-year-old Canadian pop singer with a certified platinum debut release may have millions of screaming fans, but his young, slightly androgynous looks and voice make him an easy target for opponents. But while most groups dissing Usher’s teenybopper friend show a lack of inspiration by their creators (“We hate Bieber“), we found some real gems among the anti-Bieber Facebook group and page names other than the already famous “Can this onion ring…“.

Obviously, Bieber-fans that are easily offended shouldn’t continue reading this post. But note that groups like these do not affect the prince of pop’s public image nor his more than healthy bank account. On the contrary; they probably add to his momentum.

  1. Justin Bieber should do a cover of ‘If I were a boy’ by Beyoncé Become a fan (2,309 fans).
  2. If Puberty Doesn’t Kill Justin Bieber, I Will Join group (387 members).
  3. Nice Voice Justin Bieber, Does It Come In Mens? Join group (22,040 members).
  4. I bet the 2020 New Years ball will drop before Justin Bieber’s will Join group (10,497 members).
  5. Can This Gay Man In A Turban Get More Fans Then Justin Bieber Join group (1,908 members).
  6. Hey, Justin Bieber, a little girl just called, she wants her voice back Join group (1,574 members).
  7. My Grandma’s More Gangsta Then Justin Bieber Join group (1,227 members).
  8. If I can survive a Justin Bieber song, I can survive a nuclear holocaust Join group (5,075 members).
  9. Puberty Is Going To Hit Justin Bieber Like a Train Become a fan (293,071 fans).
  10. Lesbians That Look Like Justin Bieber Become a fan (306 fans).

Fan and member numbers recorded at the time of writing. Also check out our other Facebook groups and pages posts!

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