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People against bad stuff and in support of good things

If there’s just one Facebook group you join this holiday period, it should be the one called People Against Bad Stuff and in Support of Good Things. Founded on December 14th by Zachary Shiner of the University of Santa Cruz (California),  it’s a group that supports everything good and opposes to everything bad. It was created as a substitute for every single Facebook group promoting a good cause or fighting against a terrible matter, saving them from being pushed behind the “See All” link when viewing your group memberships. In order to quantify the value of this all-encompassing group, Zachary made a list of the effects on our society should the group reaches various sizes:
1 person – The group is formed (accomplished).
10 people – Everyone in the group feels good about the change they are making (accomplished).
100 people – Some dude decides to donate some money to a noble cause (accomplished).
1000 people – Someone miraculously survives a terminal illness (accomplished).
10,000 people – Some population somewhere stops being marginalized
100,000 people – Some countries decide that violence isn’t the answer
1,000,000 people – The world’s economy recovers
10,000,000 people – World peace is achieved
100,000,000 people – All environmental problems are fixed (originally about global warming, which is the coined term for anything that ever goes wrong environmentally)
1,000,000,000 people – Everything in the world is perfect
In a recent message on the group’s discussion board, Zachary made a plea for more non-Californian members:
Here is the good news. After looking at the demographic of the members of this group, I have noticed that 60% of them are from California (most of which live surprisingly close to me… how strange indeed). Therefore, I can conclude that people in California are very much in support of good stuff and opposed to bad things, as this clearly has nothing to do with groups of friends in California. Way to represent the general goodness of California.

Here is the bad news. only 40% of the people in this group are not from California. While I am happy to live in a place with so many people who support good stuff, the only conclusion that I can draw from this statistic is that people who do not live in California clearly support bad stuff and oppose good things.

This is where your activism and altruism in this group comes into play. If you are reading this and do not reside in California***, I need you to actively promote change. Can you really live with yourself with the knowledge that the people you come into contact with every day may be supporters of bad stuff? What if your neighbor is Pro-Violence? What if your coworker is someone who supports animal cruelty or child abuse? We need to spread the word; we need to educate people and show them that bad stuff is really not good and that good things aren’t all that bad.

***People in California do not have to spread the word because clearly everything is perfect in California and there are no problems whatsoever… especially with the budget.

You heard the man. If you live outside of California, join today!

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