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Wacko Wednesday: Five “Pick Your 5” lists that are different

To start off, here are five things I learned about the “Pick Your 5” lists application by LivingSocial:

  1. The lists are usually about favorite tv shows, movies or the things people don’t leave their houses without.
  2. It taught me that most of my friends are fans of Lost.
  3. It blows that I can’t add local television shows from my country: they are my real favorites.
  4. The shiny, blue orb icon at the end of the list is very tempting to click. But I try to resist.
  5. They’re pretty good at clogging up my Facebook news feed.

For this week’s Wacko Wednesday, I’ve searched for odd “Pick Your 5” topics which resulted in the following list of five:

Who on earth (who’s not on a severe diet) would like to have a tete-a-tete with a dead person? This list freaks me out, and I haven’t even seen the answers.

Mike, the guy who created this list, chose “pineapple” as his number one. I totally agree.

A coconut dropping on your head on your vacation in Alaska could be one of these things.

Vincent, the very bored person who started this list, chose: 1. booger, 2. black tar heroin, 3. Fart, 4. Paddington Bear, and… his 5th answer was removed by the powers that be. Following his stream of thought, he was clearly listing things in ascending order of gore. Now what would that last and worst item have been? Yes. Oprah.

I have to admit, and as you can see in the screenshot below I created this last one myself. And while this might be a strange topic to choose for a “Pick your 5” list, I find the picture that the application associated with my first item even more bizarre.

Pick your 5 things you wouldn't eat even at gunpoint

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