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Wacko Wednesday: When parents join Facebook

Yep, it eventually happened to me. My mom joined Facebook today. Originally just to view some photo albums from family members, but I checked her profile three hours after she joined and she had already updated her favorite movies, books and music. Poor mom, she’s gonna get so awfully addicted over the next few days.

I’m obviously not the only one with one or two parents on Facebook. From the 1300 reface.me readers we polled back in March, 58 per cent had at least one parent using Facebook. In most cases (45%), like mine, it’s mom riding the social networking wave. Only 13% of our readers had a dad updating his profile. We also dared to ask whether you added your parent or not. Three out of every four mothers were accepted as a friend, while only three out of five of the fathers were considered welcome.

We do recommend accepting your parents’ friend requests, because it leads to the funny wall-to-walls and embarrassing comments as collected by Jeanne and Erika on their blog called Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook. Think your life is over since your parent(s) joined Facebook? Then take a look at the following five of our favorite horror moments…

Oh crap, my parents joined Facebook!

Oh crap, my parents joined Facebook!

Oh crap, my parents joined Facebook!

Oh crap, my parents joined Facebook!

Oh crap, my parents joined Facebook!

Lots more of these Hallmark moments at Oh Crap…

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