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Status Saturday: 15 Status Updates about… Facebook

For this week’s Status Saturday, we offer you 15 status updates related to Facebook itself and its popular features, like poking, statuses and tags. Don’t forget to change the he & she, or him & her accordingly!

About Facebook pokes:

just poked with the wrong marine
would not have poked [insert name] if he/she knew he/she could only poke him/her once
pokes her, gently
is getting ready for the SuperPoke!
has a sore finger from poking

Status updates about status updates:

is already thinking about his/her next status update
is offering his/her services as your status update ghost writer
is wondering if this status update is really about him/her
has just submitted a new status update and you’re reading it

About Facebook photos:

browsing his photo archives for drunk pictures to tag you in
just tagged you, you’re it!
just wrote on your wall with a big, fat felt-tip

About Facebook in general:

is dreaming of himself/herself in third person since joining Facebook
is brought to you today by… Facebook!

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