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For a series known for its absurd pop-cultural references, it took South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone surprisingly long to spoof the omnipresence of Facebook. To make for that, they dedicated an entire episode to the site. In episode 1404 of season 14, which is called “You have 0 friends” and aired on April 7th 2010, Stan Marsh finds himself forced to maintain his Facebook profile and eventually sucked into the “stupid social network”, Tron-style. Kyle Broflovski on the other hand, “friended” the wrong person and sees all of his friends “defriending” him because his new, dorky friend, Kip Drordy, is considered a liability. Eric Cartman is the Facebook expert and presents his own podcast called “Mad Friends” covering the underlying economics of social networking. Kenny McCormick is, as always, unintelligible. But notice how he connects to Facebook using a One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) notebook.

The South Park episode refers to many typical Facebook themes including friending (grand)parents on Facebook, defriending people and ignoring friend requests, the poke (“Stan, poke your grandma!“), likes, relationship statuses, and of course games like FarmVille and CaféWorld. There’s also a segment about ChatRoulette, which Cartman claims to be the new destination to find quality Internet friends. Of course, he fails to produce evidence.

South Park – You’ve got zero friends

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Some of our favorite segments:

Cartman’s Mad Friends podcast:

Stan inside in Kyle’s FarmVille:

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