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Kip Drordy gains 100,000 fans after South Park episode

Kip Drordy, the nerdy kid with zero friends in the South Park Facebook episode, has gained over a 100,000 fans on Facebook in less than a week after the show aired on the 7th of April 2010. Kip’s sudden surge in popularity is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of the episode’s conclusion, in which all of Stan’s friends are transferred to Kip’s account after Stan defeats his own evil profile in a game of Yahtzee!

Kip is now officially the most popular kid at South Park Elementary School, trumping Stan Marsh (51,561 fans), Kyle Broflovski (47,281 fans), Kenny McCormick (92,677 fans) and even Eric Cartman (108,877 fans).

The Kip Drordy fan page was presumably created by the creators of South Park. The page contains pictures of Kip’s silly halloween costume and a family portrait which both tie in with the episode’s plot. The 7-year-old third grader has recently posted the following status updates:

  • Kip Drordy ate a pork chop for dinner and had nice applesauce too!
  • Watching a movie with my friend Kyle.
  • Kip Drordy drank a glass of water.
  • Kip Drordy just went to the bathroom AGAIN!!
  • There was a bee in my room.

It’ll be interesting to learn what the South Park writers have in store for Kip’s overly dull and lonely life, now that he has an audience of more than a hundred thousand fans.

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