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Status Saturday: Movie Facebook Status Updates

Are you a movie buff in search of a funny Facebook status related to the motion picture industry? Then these Facebook status updates, part of our weekly Status Saturday series, are for you. The first batch is related to the typical marketing speak and technical aspects of movies, the second series refer to actual films. Can you guess which movies they come from?

is coming to a theater near you.
is not yet rated.
has been formatted to fit your screen.
is HD Ready.
is also available on Blu-Ray.
includes over 60 minutes of revealing extras.

is remembering the titans.
is your father.
has just finished installing a flux capacitor on his/her DeLorean and is headed back to 1985.
is purposely giving these Gremlins a bath.
has voted for Pedro.
is too fast, too furious.
is as good as it gets.
doesn’t get funny with Heels Beals’ shoes! Nobody gets funny with Heels Beals’ shoes! Not even you, Hefty.
is entirely fictional. Any resemblance of events, names, places, or organizations to actual names or events is a pure coincidence.
is looking for Nemo.

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