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How to Create a Valentine’s Day Profile Header

Valentine’s Day is upon us, which is a great occasion for you to turn your Facebook profile into a love note. We’ve added three new, love-themed banner backgrounds to our Profile Headers app ─Hearts, Red tulips and Candy─ and you can customize them with any message, but in this tutorial we’ll show you how easy it is to create personalized “I ♥ …” banners and put it on your own, or your loved one’s Facebook profile.

1. Go to Profile Headers and log in

Click the blue Login button and enter your e-mail and password in case you aren’t logged into Facebook yet. Now in the same dialog window, authorize the requested permissions by clicking the “Allow” button. This will enable the application to upload your custom profile headers to your account.

Facebook Profile Headers Login

2. Create your profile header

Once you’re logged in, scroll down the page a bit until you see all the options. This is where you can let your creative juices flow!

To create an “I ♥” header, you should select the “I love” background first. There’s a “big” version with a large heart that works best with short names (up to 5 characters), and a “small” version for longer names or messages. If you want to use the typical font famous from the “I ♥ NY” t-shirts, choose “Love” from the font selection menu. We also suggest font color #000000 (black) for this particular header.

Now after you entered the name or nickname of your loved one, you can tweak some settings in order to achieve the best looking results. For example, you can adjust the text alignment from the dropdown menu (left, center or right), or you can apply minor adjustments by adding one or more spaces right before or after the name. In our example, we found that by adding a single space in front of “Julia”, the text aligned in the best possible way. When you’re all done, click the “Upload to Facebook” button. Like the button says, this process could take 10 to 20 seconds to complete.

I Love Julia Profile Banner

3. Start tagging!

This step can be a bit confusing, because you have to tag the 5 images in reversed order for the header to appear correct on a profile. So on the results page, click the rightmost part of the fivefold header. This will redirect you to the same image in your Facebook photo album. Tag yourself and/or your darling in this image and click the “Previous” link. Tag the next four images with the same person or people, so you finish with the leftmost part of the header.

Note that you can add the same banner to as many profiles as you want, including yours, by adding tons of tags in the same series of pictures.

I Love Julia Tag

4. You’re done!

Now go check out the profile(s) you’ve tagged and you’ll see your newly create header in full action! Feel free to share (screenshots of) your creations in the comments.

Romeo's Facebook Profile

Before anyone comments, we know Romeo’s beau is more commonly referred to as Juliet… but a girl from Verona would’ve been given an Italian name, right? :)

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