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How To Get The 5 Photos At The Top Of Your Facebook Profile Back

Are you one of the many people who ─when they saw the row of five recently tagged photos at the top of the new Facebook Profile page─ immediately started to hide them by clicking the little x-button in the top-right corner of each picture? And after your reckless click-fest, they’re all gone and the top of your profile turned out entirely empty showing only gray, square boxes instead of those picture thumbnails? Let me guess… now you want to get that little row of photos back?

The tagged photos at the top of my profile are gone!

Don’t worry, they haven’t been deleted and we can help you getting them back.

Instead of going through the hassle of manually untagging and retagging all your most flattering photos, just follow these easy steps to unhide those 5 recently tagged pictures of yours:

1) Click the “Edit Profile” button and go to the “Profile Pictures” tab (or just click here).
2) At the bottom of that page, you’ll see a gray “Reset Photostream” button (see the screenshot below). Press it good!
3) Go back to your profile and enjoy your brand, spanking new photostream (’cause that’s how the 5 photos at the top of your new profile are called).

Psssst, talking about the “photostream”… check out this very nifty top profile photos hack.

Unhide 5 photos at the top of your Facebook profile

UPDATE: Probably because the Photostream term was too confusing for most users, Facebook has changed it to a far more descriptive “Row of photos at top of profile”. The “Reset Photostream” button is now labeled “Unhide All”, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Unhide all: Row of photos at top of profile

Thanks to Jeff for inspiring this post!

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