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Awesome Facebook Profile Photos Header Hack

Along with the  New Profile Page makeover launched last Sunday, Facebook introduced the Photostream; a set of the five most recent photos in which you’ve been tagged, prominently displayed at the top of your profile. You can activate it here if you haven’t yet, but here’s how it looks:

New Facebook Profile Tagged Photos

The photostream, also known as profile photo bar, has been added to show your friends what you’ve been up to lately. If some of these tagged photos bother you, you can always hide them by clicking the small “x” button in the top right corner of each picture. Be aware that hiding a photo from the stream only removes it from your profile page, but not from your “Photos of you” page. Nor does it untag you.

While most users will enjoy this new feature and leave it just the way it is, we wouldn’t be reface.me if we didn’t want to mess with it. So here’s what we did first thing when the new profiles went live:

Facebook Profile Photo Tag Hack

Here are the instructions to execute the photo tags profile hack:

  1. Fire up your favorite image editor (this can be GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, or anything a slightly more advanced than MS Paint).
  2. Load an image of your choice (our site header was perfect for the job, because it was a wide rectangle).
  3. Resize its dimensions to 485 by 68 pixels (you might want to crop some unnecessary bits to make it look better)
  4. Now cut or crop the image into 5 pieces of 97 by 68 pixels each and save them (obviously, you can achieve this effect with 4, 3 or even just 2 images as well).
  5. Upload the five pieces to a Facebook album and start tagging yourself in reverse order. That means the part of the image that’s supposed to appear FIRST, should be tagged LAST. And you should start with the right end of the cut-up image. We’ve learned that it’s more accurate to tag yourself while viewing the album normally, instead of in Edit Album mode.
  6. If everything went well, you’ll have a new, awesome Facebook profile page header!

If you don’t feel like messing around with image editing software, you can give the profile photo tag hack a try right now with these five pieces of our logo. Just right-click and save them to your desktop, then skip to step 5 of the instructions above.

Reface.me logo photo bar Reface.me logo photo bar Reface.me logo photo bar Reface.me logo photo bar Reface.me logo photo bar

If you decide to put our banner up, leave a comment ─or contact us privately─ with a link to your Facebook profile. Who knows, there might be something in it for you if you generously tag yourself for us! :) We also welcome any examples of how you abuse your photostream… or that of your friends!

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