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State of Facebook For February 2011: Dazzling Data

At yesterday’s “It’s 2011 – How’s Your Facebook Strategy Doing” event during Social Media Week New York 2011, Facebook US Head of Agency Relations and Strategist, Sarah Personette, presented a “Facebook State of the Union”. At the Ogilvy and Buddy Media-hosted event, she shared tons of fresh data that will definitely make your brain pop. Can Facebook be any more booming?

  • 600 million users worldwide
  • +50 million users in the U.S. per day
  • More than half of the users return daily
  • +200 million mobile users each month
  • 7 hours, 7 minutes are spent monthly on Facebook according to Nielsen (2:17 on Yahoo, 1:31 on MSN, 1:21 on YouTube, 1:16 on Google)
  • U.S. counts 149 active users of which 70% return daily
  • France: 22 million active users, 65% return daily / Spain: 13 million, 58% / UK: 29 million, 68% / Italy: 19m, 65% / Germany: 17m, 67% / Canada: 17m, 68% / Australia: 10m, 66% / Sweden: 4m, 71%
  • 4 hours and 57 minutes is the average monthly time spent on Facebook per user, 29 average visits per user monthly and 53% active users log in daily according to Comscore
  • US demographic breakdown: 55% female / 45% male, age groups 13-17: 10%, 18-24: 24%, 25-34: 26% and over 35: 40%

We were there, and snagged the slides ;)

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State of Facebook For February 2011: Dazzling Data Posted by on February 12, 2011 at 12:12 AM. Use this trackback if you're linking this story.

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