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Google Analytics for Facebook Pages

Facebook Fan Page administrators have access to Facebook Insights, a range of statistical information about the male/female ratio, age groups, top countries, top cities, top languages, (un)subscribes, interactions, etc. But all these details relate to fans of the page only, and do not include other interesting details that are commonly available in website statistics as offered by, for example, Google Analytics.

That’s why the people of London-based web development company, Webdigi, built a workaround that lets administrators embed Google Analytics on Facebook pages by converting the Javascript code to an image which can then be added to the bottom of each custom page. By adding Google Analytics to Facebook pages, admins get access to additional statistical data about all visitors ─and not just fans─ such as traffic sources, keyword searches, and much more.

How to add Google Analytics to your Facebook Fan Page:

  1. If you don’t own one yet, get yourself a free Google Analytics account. Log in and create a new website profile (eg. facebook.com/your_page_name). Look for your tracking code which looks like this UA-1234567-8.
  2. Create a custom img tag for each of the pages you like to track, using the Google Analytics link generator for Facebook pages.
  3. Add the entire custom image html tag to the bottom of each Facebook fan page that you want to track.

The method described above uses a server side cookie hosted by Webdigi. If you want to use your own server, you can download the PHP source and host it yourself (PHP 4.3 required). Please refer to Webdigi for more information.

Just like Facebook Insights, Google Analytics doesn’t provide real-time information, so don’t panic and wait a while (usually about a day) until you see the first results. Happy tracking!

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