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Like us on Facebook window stickers for your business

A limited group of businesses has received “Like us on Facebook” stickers to affix to their storefronts or sales counters, along with a letter from Facebook claiming that “businesses that promote their Page off-Facebook tend to see a 20% or greater increase in connections.

Quite similar to the “People love us on Yelp” promotional stickers you see everywhere, these eye-catching window decals in the shape of a speech bubble include the social network’s well-known logo, the familiar thumbs-up “like” icon, instructions on how to like the business via a text message to 32665, and the actual Facebook page URL of the business.

Because the majority of businesses were left empty-handed, and we saw a handful of people who want these Facebook stickers requesting them at random, we have cleaned up the the decal (as shared by B.J. Drums and SEOmoz) and prepped it for use in your own business, or even your personal pages. Here’s our own, unofficial version of the window sticker:

Below you’ll find a free download link to our template for the storefront window sticker (or cash register magnet), which you can print out in any practical size, for example on glossy inkjet photo sticker paper or magnet inkjet sheets. All you have to do is customize the empty sticker template using any picture editor that reads PDF-files (eg. Adobe Photoshop), or simply with a pen afterwards, by filling out “like [your page’s username]” between text and to 32665, and add [your Page’s username] after facebook.com/. If you haven’t done so, you can easily register a username for your Page right here by clicking the “Set a username for your Pages” link and selecting your page. Note that you need a minimum of 25 likes in order to register a username.

In our case, this would be:

  • text like reface.me to 32665
  • facebook.com/reface.me

NOTE: The user who sends this text message needs to be signed up for Facebook Mobile. If this is not yet the case, the person will receive a text with a link to activate “Facebook Texts” and add the used cell number to his or her profile by submitting an auto-filled mobile confirmation code.

To get a “username” for your Page, go here.

UPDATE: This is now an improved v2.0

If you like it and actually use our window sticker template, please send some photo proof our way! And if you want, we’ll show off your pimped out storefront, sales counter, cash register or computer to our hundreds of thousands of monthly readers. What are you waiting for? Get sticky!

UPDATE: The number 32665 is formed by spelling the word FBOOK on your mobile phone. This number works worldwide, except in the following countries which have an alternative number.

  • United Arab Emitrates: 2474
  • Angola: 42665
  • Argentina: 325
  • Austria: 66468132665
  • Azerbaijan: 3223
  • Bangladesh: 3232
  • Bahrain: 94455
  • Czech Republic: 9996209
  • Algeria: 205
  • Germany: 2665
  • Egypt: 3265
  • Fiji: 3223
  • Guyana: 1559
  • Honduras: 3223
  • Ireland: 51325
  • India: 919232232665
  • Iraq: 1430
  • Italy: 3399932665
  • Jordan: 90906
  • Kenya: 8140
  • Republic of Korea: 2665
  • Kazakhstan: 404
  • Lebanon: 1191
  • Lithuania: 1556
  • Morocco: 600
  • Montenegro: 14777
  • Madagascar: 34665
  • Mauritius: 8466
  • Nigeria: 631
  • Nicaragua: 32740
  • New Zealand: 3223
  • Panama: 4444
  • Poland: 2665
  • Paraguay: 325
  • Qatar: 92255
  • Rwanda: 7777
  • Saudi Arabia: 710700
  • Sudan: 32665
  • Sweden: 3900
  • Slovenia: 3265
  • Thailand: 42665
  • Trinidad and Tobago: 42665
  • South Africa: 13999
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