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Free Facebook advertising coupon codeOn our visit to the Search Engine Strategies Conference New York 2010 today, we snagged a new coupon code that adds $50 free Facebook ad credit to your ad spending funds. The promo code, as you can see in our picture, is FB-SES-NY and can only be redeemed by virgin Facebook accounts without any previous money spent on advertising. We spotted this promotional code on March 24th, 2010 and it’s likely to expire in the near future, so spend it on social ads while you still can.

To apply the coupon code, go to the funding source page in the Ads Manager menu and click the grey Add a funding source button in the top right corner. Select Facebook Ad Coupon and then submit the string of letters mentioned above.

If you’re not a business owner, you can still make use of Facebook ads to promote any pages you own, events you’re organizing or blogs you’re managing, to an audience of over 400 million active users, or a very targeted and select subgroup of that.

Or even if you have absolutely no justified use for advertising at all ─and with April Fools’ Day coming up─ why don’t you use them to prank your friends? All it requires is a little profile research and then target your friend with funny or extremely personal ads by very specifically entering all their likes and interests in the ads campaign manager. Let us know if you need more instructions on how to pull this off and we might actually write a post about it.

Just keep an eye on our site ─and the easiest way for that is to subscribe to our RSS-feed or become a fan─ if you want to be notified whenever we discover any new codes that can be redeemed for free Facebook advertising.

You can also find a bunch of Facebook advertising coupons on eBay, but make sure you buy a personalized code not available publicly for unlimited use. So ask the seller and read the fine print!

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