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Social Media Citation Notepad

When was the last time you caught a friend committing a Facebook don’t? Just 2 seconds ago? We thought so. The Social Media Citation notepad gives you 50 sheets of Facebook etiquette enforcing power. Use it!

Social Media Citation Notepad

Oh, and don’t forget to check ALL Facebook offenses that apply.

  • Banal status updates
  • Tagging unflattering photo(s) of others
  • Narcissistic profile photo
  • Constant profile-photo swapping
  • Long-winded list of interests
  • Endless relationship status changes
  • Cultural, political, and/or racial insensitivity
  • Weather reports
  • “Liking” your own status
  • “Liking” stupid things
  • Partaking in self-indulgent quizzes
  • Excessive vulgarity
  • Poking
  • Participating in annoying games
  • Sending unwanted virtual “gifts”
  • Inviting everyone to everything
  • Self-congratulatory posting
  • Not inviting me to anything
  • Friending nonfriends
  • Lurking
  • Inspiration quote abuse
  • Acronym abuse
  • Overposting
  • Overcommenting
  • Oversharing
  • (…) Fill out the blank.

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