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Win at FIFA Superstars Without Cheats

EA Sports FIFA Superstars, launched by Playfish in February 2010, is the leading soccer management simulation game on Facebook with over 3 million active players. If you recently started playing this game or about to give it a shot, and want to know the fastest way to make it to the top of EA Sports FIFA Superstars without spending any (Playfish) cash, then check out our 7 tips and strategies below.  They do not involve any cheats or hacks. Just plain, solid game-playing tips and tricks.

FIFA Superstars FREE Playfish Cash

  1. You’ll automatically receive 1 free match credit every 6 hours, but there’s a maximum of 4 credits you can “earn while sleeping”. So as soon as your match credits are maxed out, try to play at least 1 match to get that countdown timer going again.
  2. Get free coins, match credits and Playfish cash by submitting a correct prediction for the “Match of the Week” every Saturday, referring your friends to the game, and watching sponsored videos from start to end (look for them in the ads at the center bottom, like in the screenshot above).
  3. Don’t forget to play all your friendly matches every day for a chance to win free match credits… although a win doesn’t guarantee a credit. The more friends you have playing EA Sports FIFA Superstars, the more friendly matches you can play and the more chances you get.
  4. Send Mystery Gifts to your friends for free ─you can send up to 20 gifts per hour─ and hopefully they’ll return the favor and send you some too because these gifts usually include free match credits.
  5. Stadium upgrades are not worth the money so spend your hard-earned coins on nothing but player transfers. And always get the best you can get: never go for Bronze transfers, but save up for Gold (or Silver, if Gold is still locked). Put your best players on the field and sell your bench players (there’s no need to keep them for trading, because that’ll cost you $).
  6. Don’t be discouraged by a streak of losses when playing EA FIFA Superstars, even if on paper your squad looks stronger than your opponent. The coins you earn from every game brings you one step closer to buying better players and kicking ass later.
  7. Training: The 5-minute training sessions (“Stretching”) always get you the most points relatively to all other options. So if your training is down, before playing any matches, start stretching and leave the game running in the background so you can restart the training every five minutes ─you’ll hear a sound when training has completed─ to boost your training level as quickly as possible. When you’ve finished playing your daily matches, start another training because if you leave your players idle for hours, you’ll lose a significant number of training points which are a pain to regain. And your training level can exceed 100 anyway, so even if you’re fully trained it pays off to keep your players exercised. Plan ahead and think when your next playing session will be when choosing the length of training. Once unlocked, a full practice of 24 hours works great if you play once a day and around the same time give or take an hour or two.

BONUS TIP #1: You do know about the FIFA 11 demo promotion, right? If not, hurry up because it’ll expire soon!

BONUS TIP #2: We suggest to “Like” the official FIFA Superstars Page to hear about special promotions first.

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