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CoinWhale: Groupon for Facebook Games

CoinWhale is a new website that spots the best deals on online game currency and offers them combined at ginormous discounts. Sounds familiar? Well, yes, you could call it the Groupon for Facebook games. They call it: “a whale of a deal.”

CoinWhaleTheir current combo offer is called the RPG Super Fundle and will get you $15 of virtual spending money in 3 different games. That makes a total of $45 in game currency for a mere 4 bucks, or an impressive 91% in savings. Like Groupon, the deal is only on when enough people buy the bundle. Luckily, a typical deal runs for a few days.

Other than a huge money saver, CoinWhale is also a great way to discover new, upcoming games and get an advantageous head start on your friends. The three games included in CoinWhale’s current bundle are:

  • Eredan ITCg: An addictive, collectible game with about 400,000 users. Start off with 975 Feez (a $15 value)
  • Peel A Meal: Peel tabs off food items to collect properties, earn bonuses and unlock new prizes.
  • Tyrant: A futuristic G.I. Joe meets Magic: The Gathering (see screenshot). With the Coinwhale deal, you receive 90 War Bonds to begin with.

Tyrant, part of the CoinWhale deal

» Head over to CoinWhale for the current deal.

» Webmasters, bloggers, and application developers can earn a buck as well by promoting CoinWhale through its affiliate program.

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