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Game developer Andrew Wooldridge noticed how similar most Facebook game titles and their clones & rip-offs are, so he decided to make life easier for developers and create a Facebook Game Title Generator that would be able to come up with every imaginable idea for a Facebook game, by joining two words from each of the following sets:

Mafia, Social, Zoo, Island, Music, Castle, Battle, Little, Hotel, Poker, Gangster, Happy, Mouse, My City, Texas Holdem, Roller Coaster, Yo, Restaurant, Cafe, Pet, (Lil) Farm, Sorority, Vampire, Mobster, Bubble, Safari, Kingdoms of, School of, Fish, Country, Tiki, Hero, Ninja, Friends, My, Barn, Treasure, Animal, Bowling, Who Has The Biggest, Sunshine, Medical, Crazy, Street, Jungle, Sky, Empire, Minigolf, Pirate, Werewolf, Robot, Snowball, Social, Prize, Fashion Designer

Wars, Warz, Extreme, Racing, Mayhem, Madness, Saga, Camelot, City, Paradise, Life, Pets, Age, Punks, Warrior, Bears, City, Blitz, Aquarium, Ville, Hunt, Life, Poker, Kingdom, World, Planet, Park, Wizardry, Society, Town, Island, For Sale, Buddy, Resort, Isle, Buddies, Brain, Ranch, Rivals, Party, Fight, Battle, Casino, Habitat, Hotel, Squad, Gifts, Fighter, World Tour.

 So forget about FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Here are some funny Facebook game ideas we generated that will become the next big game hit:

  • Mobster Resort – “Where mobs go when they retire”
  • Mouse Brain – Starring Paris Hilton.
  • Gangster Aquarium – “Sleeping with the fishes”
  • Werewolf Pets – “Aww, look how cu–AAAARGH!”
  • School of Party – Probably the most unrealistic game on Facebook.
  • Mafia Gifts – Gifts include the kiss of death, and a horse’s head.
  • Who Has The Biggest Blitz – No comment!

» Try the Facebook Game Idea Generator.

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