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21 FarmVille art masterpieces

Unlike 55,741,686 other Facebook users, I’m not a virtual farm owner. I love animals and, yes mom, I eat all my vegetables, but I don’t like the idea of having to plow, plant and harvest every day when I could be hitting a royal flush in Texas Hold’em, or illegally parking my limo in Parking Wars.

That’s why I never play FarmVille,  but if I did, I would probably be more of a landscape architect than an agriculturalist. Like the players below, who have amassed so many virtual coins they can now cultivate whatever they want: from a pumpkin/eggplant Mona Lisa to a strawberry Pacman ghost. These farmers have grown into artists. Fartists, if you will (or maybe rather not). We handpicked the 20 masterpieces below from fan photos uploaded to FarmVille Art, a skill entirely based on the oldskool pixel art genre. If you want to turn your own farm into an art expo, then refer to this tutorial for instructions.

From Kevin Johnson, on his Mona Lisa Farmville work of art (look for the image below):

“It took a month of planning (saving up coins, designing the Mona Lisa pixel art for it, expanding my farm to the max possible size), and then I spent maybe 7 hours of placing and rearranging the bales of hay to optimally cover the farm since there’s apparently a limit of 3000 something decorations, pssh. I wouldn’t be surprise if I was the first one to find this problem, lol.”

Click the thumbnails below to view a larger version as well as the creator’s name if known to us.

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