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No te metas a mi Facebook (SONG)

The 25-year-old Colombian singer and songwriter, Esteman, has written a song about his friends’ doings on Facebook, and the unavoidable avalanche of friends and event requests. Except for one “ladies and gentlemen” sample, the song is entirely sung in Spanish, but may we warn you that its instantly catchy pop melody will get stuck in your head for a while.

I ran the lyrics through Google Translate and while the result is not perfect, you’ll get an idea of what the song is all about (if you can provide a better English translation, be my guest!).

Pedro Villa and Josefina are ready to bind,
But Laura has seen the nearby desert,
John Roar resignation and makes it public
Leonora his wife will soon delete

Amanda and Miranda just crawl
A Lina her friend stopped talking to them
Groping, sniffing, there is nothing to investigate
It’s easy, very easy, just click “poke”

No, do not get to my Facebook
Do not mess please
Whenever I have an inbox
I caused to close
Stay out of my Facebook
Do not mess please
When writing melodramas
I do not do it for the wall

Of 620 friends you interact with 10
90 unknown, more than 60 friend requests
You’re wanted, scavenge, soon you will see
Juntitos, toditos, network apuéstenle

200 events, which to go?
You agree at all but will not go
Your life is difficult, you have to decide
Apply the rule, put “Maybe” on all.


I do not do it for the wall (a)
I caused to close

Do not tell me you do not have to go potty
When I look at you spend Facebook
and then sigh, you’ll stay a while
and more

Do not tell me you have another birthday
From a year ago you had not heard
Will is now fashionable to celebrate with strangers
And drink to provide


For those who know their Spanish and want to sing along, here’s a karaoke version.

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