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Facebook State of Mind

Submitted as an entry for a local parody music video contest, Facebook State of Mind takes the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song to a whole new level. Unlike Empire State of Mind‘s love declaration to New York City, this Facebook version of the song, written by Alexander Miller and Justin Lang, pays tribute to everyone’s favorite social networking site of the moment.

The video, which was directed and edited by Alexander Miller, features rapper Herb Dew aka Spotlight and rising country star Destinee Quinn on vocals. Warning: The first 8 seconds of the FB State of Mind video are completely silent, so don’t crank up your volume to the max just yet!

We’ve attempted to transcribe a few snippets from the lyrics, but please do correct us where we’re wrong:

Update my status
Download my mail
right next to the inbox
I can’t wait forever
It’s the new MySpace
This is on my iPod
I can take it anywhere
Yeah, they love me everywhere.

If I’m not chatting
Yeah, I’m on FarmVille,
Farm making a million a day
Yeah, I got mad skills.

New alert
Yeah, it’s from my mother
Dinner is ready
Thank God I love ’em
We all at the table
We all have an iPhone
Posting on our wall
I caught a chicken bone
Everyone on FB
Even my grandma
I update my status
She fixes my grammar.

Yeah, you should take a quiz if you know me
This stuff gets annoying
Please stop poking me
I think I’m addicted
Can’t stop clicking
When I’m on Facebook
Clock stop ticking
This is the site
FB, where it’s at
If Facebook close
I would have a heart-attack
Facebook is hot, MySpace is not
This site will take you to the top, can do it all.

And of course the chorus:

Only on Facebook
Catch up with people from high school
There’s nothing you can’t do
Only on Facebook
All your dreams still they come through
No one can stop you.
Only on Facebook (repeat x2).

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