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Facebook status update business cards

Facebook status update business card (front/back)

This is thinking out of the (Update Status) box! Kim Bost, Assistant Art Director for Op-Ed at the New York Times, has created business cards with some empty space for a “live” status update. She, or the receiver of the card, can complete the “Kim Bost is…” sentence (in the original Klavika typeface) with anything that comes to mind. So simple, yet original and above all very personal.

There’s no way to fit 160 characters on the short line, but here are some of the short status updates she used up until now (see the image below for illustrations):

  • Kim Bost is Kim Bost is Kim Bost.
  • Kim Bost is from the future.
  • Kim Bost is finished.
  • Kim Bost is an active ingredient.
  • Kim Bost is smarter than she looks.
  • Kim Bost is kind to animals.
  • Kim Bost is turbulent.
  • Kim Bost is the nougat center.

Facebook status update business cards

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