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9 ways to zombie yourself

Let’s kick off our Halloween Week with 9 different ways to become a zombie without dieing, so you can become the scariest creep on the Facebook graveyard on the way to All Saints’ Eve. Before you blow our brains out, note that most of the techniques we describe require you to manipulate your photo and then upload it to Facebook yourself in order to set it as your profile picture.


Picnik’s Halloween Toolkit

DESCRIPTION: Every year around the end of October, Picnik (not Piknic) temporarily adds a few extra options to its online picture editor in favor of Halloween. Last year’s Zombify brush has been enhanced in addition to new tools like Vampire eyes, Draculan dermis, Fangs, Ghoul eyes, Face paint, Blood stains and Halloween objects like bats, pumpkins and spiders. Exclusively for Picnik’s premium members, there are special filters like VampiraScope, Ogrevision, Wounds, Ghostify, Crystal ball, Lightning, Ghosts and lots of Halloween props.


Zombie Picnik

HOW: Go to Picnik, upload a picture and find all the Halloween tools in the the Create tab.


Plenty of open-and-shut zombie tools, and it’s dead easy to save your picture.


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Zombie Me iPhone app

DESCRIPTION: The (currently free) Zombie Me iPhone application by Portegno lets you add blood drops, worm eaten clothes, bloodshot eyes, gross teeth, a creepy hand, scary make-up, scars and masks, and other grisly touch ups to photos on your phone’s camera roll, or any new picture you take.


Zombie me iPhone app

HOW: Download the Zombie Meicon app to your iPhone. Create your zombie and get the picture on your Facebook profile by uploading it via Facebook’s iPhone app, or e-mailing it to yourself via the camera roll and then uploading it to Facebook using your computer.


You can achieve rather repulsive results. Too bad you need an iPhone for this.


brain emoticonbrain emoticonbrain emoticonbrain emoticon  


Zombieme.com’s Instant Zombie Generator

DESCRIPTION: Doctor Frankenstein, at disposal on your operating table are cheek scars, exposed noses, exposed teeth, eye sockets, throat slices, wounds, evil irises, skin textures and ribcages.


Zombie me

HOW: Click here and follow the 3 simple steps (upload, add zombie effects, create) to generate your zombie picture. Click Get URL button at the bottom of the form and take a screenshot. Cut out your final zombie image and upload it to Facebook.

VERDICT: Scary effects but the editor can be clumsy, and it’s a drag to finally get your picture on Facebook.


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Zombify Yourself

DESCRIPTION: To help create a buzz around the Zombieland movie, Sony Pictures allows you to zombify yourself (or whoever you want) with a set of mouths, wounds, eyes, noses, skins and extras. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and color to make your zombie version as “realistic” as possible.



HOW: Go to Zombify Yourself and skip the video. Click the start button and upload a photo, or take a webcam shot. Have fun zombifying yourself and then instantly post the picture to Facebook or Twitter, or download the jpeg to your computer.

VERDICT: One of the easiest ways to become a Facebook zombie.


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Get your custom zombie portrait

DESCRIPTION: Rob Sacchetto is a professional zombie illustrator, who has visually murdered and mutilated over 500 people. Based on a clear headshot, he will turn you into a brain chasing goul for $80 (or $160 per couple).

EXAMPLE (not based on our mascot):

Zombie portraits

HOW: Join the undead by clicking the yellow Buy Now button here. Obviously, since it’s been done by hand, your detailed zombie portrait will take a while to get completed.

VERDICT: This is how to become the most gruesome creature of the night. But it takes time, and money.


brain emoticonbrain emoticonbrain emoticon 


Bonus tips:

  • A cheaper alternative for your custom zombie portrait, starting at $9.99, is offered by the same people behind Zombieme.com’s Instant Zombie Generator, reviewed above.
  • You can create a comic-style zombie completely from scratch using Ugo’s Zombie Creator. It probably won’t resemble you though.
  • There’s an Etsy seller (baNzShoppe or baNzgraphix) that’ll give you demonic, zombie, old age or ghost look within 24 hours for only $7.00.
  • For those souls possessed by Photoshop powers, there are plenty of useful tutorials out there, eg. zombie eyes, zombify people, zombify yourself, and creating a zombie.
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