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National Coffee Day on Facebook

The largest coffee fan page on Facebook has over half a million likes. Nespresso, our personal favorite brand, comes close to half a million. And Starbucks, probably the most popular coffee shop in the world, even has over 14 million! Yes, many of us Facebookers enjoy a damn fine cup of coffee every now and then, but did you know we have a dancing goat to thank for the discovery of the beverage? Ethiopian farmers noticed their goats all hyped up after eating cocoa beans and one thing let to another. For a long time, people ate the “energy beans” until somebody figured out how to brew it. The beverage got its “a cup of Joe” nickname because it was a popular drink among World War II soldiers (called “Joes”) and the Americano preperation was named after the American soldiers who would order their espresso with water to reduce the drink’s bitterness.

Why are we telling you all this? Because it’s National Coffee Day in the U.S., that’s why. You have RSVP’d for National Coffee Day on Facebook already, have you? Ok, then let’s go through some coffee-related Facebook stuff. For instance, what do you get when you mash up Starbucks and Facebook? Yes, Facebucks:


(Un)fortunately, Facebucks coffee doesn’t really exist. But these Facebook coffee mugs do, and they’re available for sale!

Status Update: Drinking damn good coffee mug

Status Update: Drinking damn good coffee

Coffee wants to be your friend on Facebook mug

Coffee wants to be your friend on Facebook.

Coffee Mug Facebook thumbs up mug

Eat, Sleep, Drink Coffee

And if you’re running on pink and orange, then you should definitely participate in the “Ultimate Dunkin’ Donuts Fan Contest” exclusively on Facebook. Submit a fan video from now until October 20th, 2010 to get a chance to win a trip to Costa Rica for two, as well as sixty months of free Dunkin’ Donuts coffee delivered to your doorstep. That’s years and years of free coffee! Your boss is gonna love your energy… though you may drive anyone else nuts.

So, how do you like your Joe? Dark as a moonless night, cold with ice, or paired with a shot of Amaretto?

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