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The 5 Signs of Facebook Addiction

Millions of Americans have an Internet addiction of some sort, according to Dr. James Mol, a psychologist for Providence Behavioral Health. Although issues specifically with Facebook haven’t been studied, most health professionals will tell you their patients are bringing it up.

There are no universally accepted rules to diagnose a Facebook addiction, but there are a few common behaviors to keep in mind if you think your social networking has turned into a social dysfunction.

  1. You are losing sleep because of it. That could be because you lost track of time or are staying up late using Facebook.
  2. You spend more time on Facebook than you intend. “Just a basic definition of any addiction is that the person is spending more time doing it than they intended to or would like,” Mol said.
  3. You become obsessed with old loves. “Maybe a person becomes so fond of the idea of reconnecting with an old love that they leave their current relationships,” Mol said.
  4. You ignore work or responsibilities in favor of Facebook. That goes for office jobs and stay-at-home parents. Neglect is a major problem when it comes to addiction.
  5. The thought of logging off leaves you in a cold sweat. “It can be very distressing to think about letting go or disengaging,” Mol said.

Not everyone is going to go through withdrawal, but Mol said now is a good time to step back and take a look at how this new medium fits into your life. He said it’s very important to ask yourself how you want to use social networking sites and what are your goals in using them.

The 5 signs of Facebook addiction

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