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25 Things I Hate About Facebook

It might seem odd to start a new, Facebook-oriented blog with an “I hate Facebook” post, but that’s us. We actively and voluntarily indulge in facebookness while being critical enough to notice its flaws. That, and because this video by Julian Smith from Nashville, Tennessee is just sheer comedy.

“Yep, we all know those obnoxious 25 Things notes people are posting on their facebooks. And furthermore, we all know how lame they are – even if you did one… you must admit it. Either way, I bet you’ll find this weeks video quite funny. What do you hate about facebook?”

Here’s the complete list of 25 random things Julian hates on Facebook:

  1. 25 Things Notes
  2. Poking
  3. “Happy Birthday” Wall Posts (they all say “Happy Birthday”)
  4. Compare People App
  5. Pillow Fight Requests
  6. Facebook Chat
  7. Gifts
  8. Abusing Status Updates (way too many)
  9. Old people on Facebook (there should be an age limit)
  10. Event invites
  11. Group invites (they keep sending them)
  12. Top Friend Drama
  13. Webcam Video Comments
  14. Flair
  15. Bumper Stickers
  16. Detail Requests (nobody cares)
  17. Relative Requests
  18. Bad Tagged Photos
  19. “LOST PHONE” Facebook Exploitation
  20. People You May (Not) Know
  21. Creepy Ads
  22. Threads (send one comment and you’re notified every day for the rest of your life)
  23. Picture Shrinkage
  24. Duplicate Pictures
  25. Facebook Relationship Gossip

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