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25 Facebook pages that are funny to Like

Now that Facebook got rid of the whole “Become a fan” terminology, a batch of new pages have appeared in the past week, wittily or cleverly building on the “[insert name] likes…” phrase. Most of the funny pages’ titles start with “to” or “it”, but there are some other angles too.

Examples are “[your name] likes to party!” (who doesn’t?), “[your name] likes to move it move it” (refering to the 90s house song by Reel 2 Real, or Will.I.Am’s recent interpretation for Madagascar 2) or “[your name] likes you the best” (Who? Me? No, that other Facebook friend). We compiled a list of 25 “likeable” Facebook pages with a pun, and categorized them appropriately below. Like them… to your liking!

Facebook references:

…to like pages. [Like]
…this, or maybe not… You decide! [Like]
…your status. [Like] (9,453 people like this)
…your profile picture [Like]. (135 people like this)


…you the best. [Like] (1,924 people like this)
…everyone but you! [Like] (862 people like this)


…the way you move. [Like]
…being naked [Like] (575 like this)
…to touch you. [Like]
…to get it on [Like] (172 like this)
…to flash people [Like] (92 like this)
…it when you spank her ass! [Like] (72 like this)
…it when you spank his ass! [Like] (41 like this)
…it naughty [Like] (1,558 like this)
…you naked [Like]
…it rough. [Like] (599,078 like this)
…your mum. [Like] (14,302 like this)

Music & songs:

…to party! [Like]
…it raw [Like] (3,105 likers) ─Yes, rest in peace, O.D.B.!
…to move it move it [Like] (10,210 likers)
…a virgin [Like]

Rather random:

…wasting life away playing video games [Like] 14 likers
…the way a new pair of socks feel the first time you put them on [Like] 47 likers
…nothing [Like] 305 likers
…this. [Like] 2,011 likers

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