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Hyper Alerts Does Facebook Page Notifications Better

Facebook with their most recent upgrade has enabled instant notifications for Page admins , which is very useful to keep track of comments and respond to reactions from fans of the Page. But while these “as-it-happens” alerts are fast, the feature is limited in many other ways:

  • The emails only contain the comment ─if they show something at all─ without the original post.
  • We don’t know about you, but we often get “This content is currently unavailable” when we click the links inside the emails.
  • Facebook only sends you alerts for Pages you are administrating.

Hyper Alerts, on the other hand, offers page alerts with many neat extras:

  • You can monitor updates to any Facebook Page, whether you’re administrator or not.
  • Hyper Alerts sends you hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports that are visually attractive.
  • A dashboard lets you manage all your alerts.
  • The alerts contain the original posts as well as the comments.

Hyperalerts dashboard

And in addition to comments and posts to your monitored Pages, shares of the posts on other Facebook Pages are also reported:

Hyper Alerts Page Notification

Or how Hyper Alerts describes itself:

Hyper Alerts is a feature for everybody who wants email reports of posts and comments on a selected Facebook-page. You don’t have to be an administrator of a page to get our email alerts, and you can select as many pages as you want. You can get alerts each hour, day, week or month – or immediately if you so prefer. Our emails show the original posts and comments, and are a great way to archive the history of your selected pages – and even make it searchable!

» Try Hyper Alerts. It’s absolutely free.

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